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Barricades have been one of our specialties for over 25 years. They are well designed and well built. They are solidly welded and even rust-resistant due to a proven process know as hot dip galvanizing.

Whether inside or outside, these barricades are perfect for crowd control, be it in peaceful or more agitated events such as concerts, shows, demonstrations or even riots. That is why our barricades are very popular with municipalities, businesses and special event sponsors.

Our barricades are top-quality.

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Barricades PS- B100

Left and right legs PS-P20 / PS-P27

Hooks and rings



  • Each barricade is 100 in. long and 43 ½ in. high.
  • The tubing used for the mainframe has an external diameter of 1 ½ in. – #16 gauge.
  • The vertical rods between the mainframe tubing are solid with an external diameter of 7/16 in. The space between them is 4 ½ in.


Each barricade is comprised of:

  • a mainframe with vertical rods
  • two hooks (5/8 in. rod) on one end and
  • two rings (1 ½ in. high and 3/16 in. thick) on the other end
  • two removable legs (small 20 in. and large 27 in.)
  • two bolts 2 ½ in. × 5/16 in., with washers and nuts (galvanized steel).


  • All components are rust proof and hot-dip galvanized.
  • All barricades are designed to be assembled and disassembled with a 30-degree angle between them.


  • Mainframe : 48,5 lb
  • Small leg : 1,5 lb
  • Large leg : 2 lb
  • Total : 52 lb